TrustnGo markets software intended to secure your IoT and embedded systems. Our product implements state-of-the-art security features to resist to both remote and physical attackers. While being highly secure, our products are still portable and are optimized for speed and size. Interoperability is also taken into account as they integrate seemlessly into modern RTOS like Zephyr or Mbed.

TrustnPlay Secure Platform

Most IoT and embedded devices are scattered on the field requiring use of secure FOTA mechanism. In addition, being easily accessible, these devices have to be resistant to physical attackers to some extent. TrustnPlay is an hardened version of the well known open source Zephyr RTOS. TrustnPlay is:

  • Easy to use secure platform for IoT and embedded systems.
  • Based on Zephyr OS a widely used open source RTOS.
  • Chip vendor and cloud provider agnostic.
  • Does not require the usage of an external Secure Element

Protect What Matters

Designed to protect personal data, intellectual property, networks and infrastructure.

Be Independant

Broad compatibility to limit reliance on component manufacturers or cloud providers


Flawlessly integration, no need to change your development process. Based on an industry-standard open source software.

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Advanced
Secure boot / update
Secure communications
Secure external storage
In-depth software security
Physical attacker resistance
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