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Securing IoT: Why ?

As IoT market grows, insecurity of IoT devices is also rising. Hacker does not only use software attacks any more but also hardware attacks which could be a first step before a large scale software attack. While it is tempting to develop your own security solutions, the fact is developing such piece of software is a real challenge.

Protect your customer's assets

Protection of personal data is a real challenge. In addition, cyber physical systems are now widely while an unsecure system can cause physical injuries.

Protect your IT/OT network

IoT devices shall not be an entry point to your network for an attacker. Even if your network is not connected to internet an attacker may try to exploit weak wireless connection

Protect your valuable IP

Most IoT vendors do not have their own factory and device fabrication is often outsourced. In this case, protecting your intellectual property might be a real challenge.

TrustnPlay Secure RTOS

TrustnPlay is a secure platform for MCU based on the open source Zephyr RTOS. It implements state of the art security features like secure boot, secure update, secure communications and secure local storage.


State of the art

Best in-class software
countermeasures against
remote & physical attackers

Versatile & ready to use

Customizable softwares to
fit your specific needs and
allow a flawlessly integration

1 Year

One year support including
customer support and
software updates

Interested ?

Using a holey umbrella is a bad idea just like developing your own cryptographic protocol. Don’t let improvisation sabotage your work, use our secure software.

TrustnSign Code Signing

TrustnSign is a SaaS platform allowing to keep the control over the private keys used to sign your firmware. You can control which user can use or not use a key. In addition, TrustnSign implements MFA and dual approval of signature requests. TrustnSign is compatible with RAUC and MCUboot.



Keys remain on the server. Multi factor authentication and dual approval of signing operations.

Easy to use

Ready to use with MCUboot, RAUC or any PKCS11 enabled software. PKI infrastructure not required.


Simple business model. Unlimited number of users and signature.

Interested ?

PEM file are too unsecure to be usable ? Secure USB tokens are a pain to use ? Then use a secure, easy to use and flexible server to sign your OTA updates !

Why Choose Our Software ?

  • Foolproof implementation

    No homemade suspicious security feature developed by an intern.

  • Shorten your time to market

    No need to learn cryptography or fight with barely understandable datasheets.

  • Stay focus on your core business

    Work and improve your strengths, outsource the remainder.

Our Services

Developing an innovative product is not an easy task and security is often the fifth wheel. In consequence either the security is not taken into account at all or third party open source secure library are used out of box (sometimes developers implement their own crypto algorithms!). These two approaches are equally risky.

Securing a product requires to follow a well defined but strict methodology which requires strong expertise in the security field to be correctly carried out. First, the security problem has to be defined then a secure architecture has to be designed and the proper pieces of software developed. Finally the actual resistance of the resulting device has to be assessed through not only software but also hardware penetration tests.

Define Your Security Model

Threats, assets, attacker model, security requirements, we help you to define your security model.

Design Secure Firmware

Once Security Model has been designed, we help you to harden your secure softwares. We can also build everything from scratch.

Pentest Your Device

Are you ready to market your device? Pentest it!​ Software, side-channel or fault injection attacks, let's build a personalized test plan together.

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Overall system is only as secure as its weakest component. Don’t let improvisation sabotage your work.

About Us

Michaël Grand

Founder and CEO of TrustnGo

Seven out of ten organizations say they have already experienced hacking attempts via the IoT.

Former hardware security evaluator and R&D manager at Serma Safety & Security’s Security Laboratory with 13 years of experience in security field, Michael Grand has founded TrustnGo to help companies in securing their embedded products.

Open Source Projects

TrustnGo contributes to open source community by providing open source implementations of security oriented devices.

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Secure Your IP and Customers' Assets

In a globalized world, your IP needs to be protected against theft and hackers as well as your customers’ data.