TrustnPlay for SE05x

TrustnGo markets software intended to secure your IoT and embedded systems. Our product implements state-of-the-art security features to resist to both remote and physical attackers. While being highly secure, our products are still portable and are optimized for speed and size. Interoperability is also taken into account as they integrate seemlessly into wide range of OS.

TrustnPlay library for NXP SE05x

Most IoT and embedded devices needs to store sensitive assets such as cryptographic keys or API keys. These assets must be protected against theft by remote or physical attackers. To reach this goal, secure elements are often used. 

The NXP’s SE05x is one of the most used secure element, however it comes with an overwheighted and somewhat obsolete middleware.   TrustnPlay for SE05x is lightweight and easy to use library intended to replace the middleware from NXP, it provides :

  • Easy to use software interface.
  • Integration with the latest version of mbedTLS and OpenSSL.
  • Support of Zephyr OS, FreeRTOS, Linux / YOCTO, Windows and baremetal.
  • Comprehensive examples and helpers

Protect What Matters

Protect your assets and cryptographic keys using a certified secure element and a easy to use library.

Easy to use

Our library supports mbedTLS and OpenSSL for a flawless integration. It also comes with a comprehensive list of examples.

Portable and Open

Our library natively supports Zephyr OS, Linux / Yocto and Windows. It can be easily ported to any other systems (µC/OSII, FreeRTOS, baremetal, etc.).

  • Standard
  • Entreprise
Support of SE05x features
mbedTLS integration
OpenSSL integration
LicenseSingle SKU - One time feesMulti SKU - One time fees
Integration servicesOptionalOptional
Support1 Year (email)1 Year (email / phone)
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